Dental patient from the North West left out of pocket after poor treatment

Mr E, a 52 year old dental patient from the North West, fell victim to the dental insurance loophole when his dentist provided poor dental treatment then left the UK without a trace.

Mr E first attended his dentist, Dr T, after he broke his tooth.  Dr T began root canal treatment in preparation for a crown to cap the broken tooth.  Following the treatment, Mr E suffered bleeding and infection and was subsequently advised by another dentist that the root canal treatment was defective and bridge work was required.  Mr E was told that he could even lose the tooth in the future.

Mr E contacted his solicitor who referred him to specialist dental negligence lawyers, the Dental Law Partnership.  Unfortunately, Mr E’s case could not be continued as Dr T appeared to have left the UK and his whereabouts could not be confirmed.

Mr E was faced with funding his remedial treatment out of his own pocket.