Patient unable to sue dentist after treatment went wrong

Mrs O, a 33 year old dental patient from North Wales, was left to fund her own corrective dental treatment after her dentist provided poor cosmetic treatment then left the UK.

Mrs O first visited her dentist, Dr S, in 2010 when she began a treatment plan of crowns to improve the appearance of her smile.  Contrary to her preference, Dr S fitted crowns which were linked together rather than individual units, which made cleaning very difficult.  Dissatisfied, Mrs O visited another dentist and was informed that the work was of a poor standard and remedial treatment was required. 

Mrs O was advised to contact specialist dental negligence solicitors, the Dental Law Partnership, to try to claim damages to fund the corrective treatment.  Unfortunately, after investigations Mrs O’s case was closed as Dr S’s whereabouts where unknown and his insurers could not confirm whether or not he was insured when he treated Mrs O.

As a result, Mrs O was faced with personally funding her remedial treatment.