Poor Quality Dental Treatment And No Compensation for Lincolnshire Man

18 February 2013

Gordon Jackson, 62, from Boston in Lincolnshire, visited his dentist for a simple cap replacement.

Due to the dentist’s errors, what should have been a straight forward procedure turned into multiple dental visits and a painful experience for Gordon. As the dentist now cannot be traced, Gordon has been left in extreme discomfort and unable to pay the £5,000 needed for dental implants.

In 2009, Gordon visited his dentist, Dr Grabiec, to have a cap replaced. However, during the treatment, Dr Grabiec accidentally slipped with the dental cutter and slashed the underside of his tongue.

Gordon explains: “After much confusion on the dentist’s part, she attempted to stitch the wound under my tongue, then sent me home and told me to return in two days.”

“I did as advised and returned two days later, but she then sent me straight to hospital. When I was examined, I was shocked to hear that the affected section of the tongue was deteriorating and nothing could be done.”

A week later, this part of Gordon’s tongue rotted, and he was forced to pull it off himself as the taste was so unpleasant. He made another appointment with Dr Grabiec to have the cap re-fitted, but it was not a good fit and he found eating very difficult.

Gordon says: “It was extremely uncomfortable, so I went back to have the cap re-fitted yet again, only to find that Dr Grabiec had left. The new dentist tried to remove the old cap but broke the tooth, so then had to attempt to extract it. I could tell he was struggling, and he eventually called in a colleague, who was very rough but did manage to remove the broken tooth.”

“About four days after that, I was in a lot of pain, so this time I went to a private dental practice and had an X-ray. I was informed that the adjacent tooth had been sheared from top to bottom, and I had a large abscess at the root.”

Although this tooth was removed and treatment was given by the new practice, Gordon now has a large gap in his lower left set of teeth and has to eat on the right side of his mouth, which is putting pressure on those teeth. It could be resolved by having implants fitted, but this would cost him at least £5,000.

Gordon has tried to make a claim against Dr Grabiec, but is unable to get any compensation because she cannot be traced, and therefore can’t instruct her insurance company to accept the claims.

He says: “I couldn’t believe that insurance companies will only comply with a case if the dentist instructs them to. It is ridiculous that a dentist who has made numerous mistakes decides whether the patient can receive compensation. I’m angry that there is no way of moving forward with my case; there seems to be no concern for patients like me who have had a terrible experience and now can’t afford to fix the dentist’s errors.”